From YouTube user “El Gato”…

I have a great story with this song (‘Fractured Mirror’ from Ace Frehley’s 1978 solo album). One cool day in South Florida in 1978 during Christmas, me and a bunch of friends were playing and riding our BMX bikes and within our group there was one kid from another neighborhood I told them all that my mother was on her way home from work and that she was going to bring me the brand new album from Ace Frehley, so we all hauled ass to my house including this unknown kid that was riding bikes with us when we all got to my house my mother had the album in her hand we all went inside my house and started listening to this album when this song came on we were all mezmorized and that unknown kid said we will all be friends and he will never forget this song, this is where the story really gets interesting. many moons later I become a police officer and one night during Patrol I arrested this one man who is roughly my same age but looked really rough, I arrested him for heroin possession . That man, told me ” officer I recognize you from somewhere but I can’t place it, because for about 10 years I have been a mess” when I put him inside my patrol car I started to do the report and while I’m doing the report I turn on my phone and play my MP3 songs I had on my phone into the stereo of the patrol car, when this song came on the guy sitting in the back of my patrol car told me that he remembers this song very vividly and I said “oh really, from where” he then proceeded to tell me the story that one time he went to a kid’s house that his mother was bringing him the album of Ace Frehley and that he came along with the rest of the group over that kids house and that he would never forget this song and that magical moments we had back in 1978, by then I had tears in my eyes, and I froze I then told him I was the kid that his mother was bringing the album home. He broke down and started to cry and told and told me that for the past 10 years he was an addict and that he wanted to change I told him that I would help him and that I will give him a surprise when he gets better well a couple of years went and one day I proceeded to find the guy and I let him know to meet me at such-and-such a day at such-and-such location when he got there with his newlywed wife and his life turned completely around to his surprise he saw me and the original group of a friends and then again I pulled out the Same album my mother bought me a 1978 and we replayed the album. And all he said was that this song changed his life . all I can say is because of this song playing in my patrol car I was able to spark up a guy’s memory of a better time gone by and he was helped because this song made him realize that he needed to change his life around and he thanked me for that one moment in the back of my patrol car and I told him, no bro thank you for changing your life. All I can say is thank you Ace Frehley because sometimes the mirror that someone looks into is fractured.

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