Without question, my favorite Thanksgiving dish is stuffing. It’s the all-out-assault that combines every taste and mouth-watering aroma of the holiday into one big, lumpy, delicious glory. It’s also just as amazing right out of the oven as it is leftover and cold the next day. Stuffing can do no wrong.

Much like a delicious mixture of bread crumbs, celery, onions, parsley, savory seasonings and turkey flavor, in 1986 the world was treated to a heavy metal smorgasbord of luscious locks, teased cuts, floppy mops, puffy grandma melons, tough mullets, power vocalists, screamers, screechers and shredders for a charity project called HEAR ‘N AID. 

The following is the full, ‘making of’ documentary, which is absolutely one of the best things you’ll ever watch.

I was up late the other night and stumbled on this video for the 900th time. I’ve always loved the “Stars” song & video to death, but for the first time it really hit me how truly remarkable this moment in heavy metal history was. All these legends in one room, coming together for a worthy cause to feed starving people in Africa. Of course, cocaine was also part of the experience, but hey, their hearts were in the right place!

Hats off to Ronnie James Dio for conquering the daunting task of getting all these guys together to raise money for a great cause. The “who’s who” of rock and metal all got involved and by the looks of things, it certainly paid off. Apparently the Hear N Aid project generated $1 million within a year.

Here is a group shot of the “singers” of Hear ‘N Aid. Can you name them all?  

If the pilgrims and Native Americans could come together, than I don’t see why these heavy metal turkeys couldn’t either.

It’s interesting to note that apparently most of them actually didn’t know each other at the time, which is astonishing but believable at the same time. There had to be tension and awkwardness during those recording sessions. Since all we ever see is these bands individually, or at the most, maybe a jam session together on stage or something, watching them together in one room is fascinating. I can’t picture Rob Halford and Vince Neil ever hanging out together.

BONUS: Now it’s time for Swedish Metal Aid….the Scandanavian version of Hear ‘N Aid! This is truly a sight to behold.

Uncle T can’t say anything better than one YouTuber commented already, “Can you imagine how many Trans AMs and Firebirds there were in the parking lot.” 

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