It’s hard to look back and pinpoint when the actual peak of “Freddy Mania” took the world by storm. TNUC’s sources say it falls somewhere between when Freddy Kruger had his own MTV show and when his greatest hits novelty album was released.

Somehow over time, the burnt up child murderer became a little too much of a a pop culture icon. Uncle Fred’s popularity grew so huge that he was basically a household name with toys, commercials, child costumes, candy and other miscellaneous hijinks everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love all that crap too, but his demeanor went from pure terror in Wes Craven’s original to wise-cracking-punchline-killer-guy. The death scenes and effects were still effective but it felt like more of a theme park ride. The more popular the franchise became, the less identifiable Freddy was to that sadistic child killer we all cherished in 1984.

As mentioned above, one of the drippiest cheese-fests came in 1987 with “Freddy’s Greatest Hits” under the title of The Elm Street Group. The 9-track collection of goofball lyrics and lazy melodies is almost unbearable to listen to with the exception of one track that snuck itself on here and retains some of that icy-sinister vibe we loved in the original Nightmare on Elm Street.

This track oozes with dreamy evilness, meaning it manages to balance effortlessly between darkness and light. It conjures up a very similar feeling as Tuesday Knight’s smash hit “(Running From This) Nightmare” which came a year later on the Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4: The Dream Master soundtrack, not only with the lyrics but the music which sounds distant and echoey. Almost like it was recorded in a boiler room! 

I’ll go ahead and put this track at #3 on my Klassic Krueger Kuts rankings. Here they are:

#1 Dokken – Dream Warriors
#2 Tuesday Knight – (Running From This) Nightmare
#3 The Elm Street Group – Don’t Sleep
#4 The Fat Boys – Are You Ready for Freddy
#5 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – A Nightmare On My Street
#6 Bruce Dickinson – Bring Your Daughter…to the Slaughter
#7 Joe Lamont – Quiet Cool

Freddy Rules! October Rules! 
– The TNUC Lair

Here’s a download link to The Elm Street Group – Freddy’s Greatest Hits album. If you dig it, hunt down the ’87 original or remastered version on Discogs!

4 Comments on “DON’T SLEEP.”

    • I’m pretty sure “Don’t Sleep” actually predates the Tuesday Knight track…but I could be wrong. I love them both anyways…I love me some sultry horror female vocals.

  1. A couple of years late but still, thanks for the linkage! It’s an oddity for sure, but a fun one IMO. I actually quite like the cover of All I Have to Do is Dream in all its 80-ness (and Feddy’s vocals!). And Don’t Sleep is a decent of-the-time track, like it could have been on one of the movie soundtracks.

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