Are you tired of staying in?
Getting sick of frozen pizza dinners?
Conservative dad won’t shut up about that “rat’s nest” he calls your haircut?

TNUC strongly recommends sneaking out of your bedroom window tonight and high-tailing it to a land of heavy metal and nuclear pepperoni pizza. Play the video invitation below.

Redwood City’s very own PONY EXPRESS PIZZA offers everything you could dream of. “Pizza, burgers & great rock n’ roll!”

Even though I’ve found very little information about this place, we can indeed confirm that Pony Express Pizza is real. Evidently bands with names like STREET LYFE and ROTT WYLER have graced the stage at this ooey-gooey-cheesy stomping ground.

It’s such a perfect marriage of cultures. I imagine a crowd full of hungry hellions with one clenched fist in the air, the other pumping up and down with a death grip on a steamy slice of pie. I can also imagine the epic food fights in this sort of establishment. What a beautiful sight to see.

If I started a campaign to open a place like this, would you join TNUC and support?
∇  ∇  ∇


  1. There’s actually a song about the 80’s Redwood City Metal scene “Redwood Citay, Rock Citay” albeit its rather tongue-in-cheek. I’m sure Gary Barth could fill you in on the whole Pony Express Pizza scene! Wonder what Gary is doing these days!

  2. Fuck yessss!!!! This is totally the mind of place I could see myself running some day. No modern metal faggotry or anything of the like allowed. 80’s rock/metal ONLY scene. Thank FUCK for Pony Express Pizza!

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