When a video premiere package arrives on TNUC’s desk from the corporate offices of Big Mike & Gianni La Bamba, my world instantly stops and nothing I’m doing matters anymore. Suddenly I’m wearing Zubaz pants, my biceps are swelled, fog is erupting through air vents and I feel a slight burning sensation in my left nostril.

That’s right, everyone’s favorite German gorilla is back and doing what he does best, infiltrating seedy discotheques and patrolling the streets at night with Gianni La Bamba!

↑↑↑  V I D E O    W O R L D    P R E M I E R E  ↑↑↑

This new video for ‘Scirocco’ captures Big Mike and his disciples engaging in the power of the pump inside one of Germany’s oldest and steamiest clubs, The Roxy. What develops during the video is up for your own interpretation and explanation. I was told by Big Mike himself that repeated viewings will provide more answers.

The song itself is a bit of a different approach for the group as it features predominantly English lyrics and a hypnotic groove that builds to a euphoric PUMP like we’ve never heard before. The song is also of course largely inspired by one of Germany’s rarest birds, or should I say cats? The classic Volkswagen Scirocco “White Cat” is a wild minx of a machine, engineered to exist in a universe of fog, neon haze, mustached strangers and Tech Noir power.

“The German Delorean”

The group plan on releasing a 12″ maxi-single for ‘Scirocco’ soon which will include instrumentals and extended versions. For now though, venture over to for updates, links and brand new merchandise…

BIG MIKE FANNY PACKS. Don’t be an idiot. Order one today.


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