Calling all 40-year-old adolescents, felons, power drinkers and trustees of modern chemistry. It’s time to get wild n’ willing with TNUC’s Double Deuce Mix!

53 minutes of knee slapping, cig-ripping, beer smashing, throat ripping, sandy-mullets-waving-in-the-wind Double Deuce worship! It was only a matter of time before we curated an entire power hour dedicated to the greatest film of all time, Road House. I stayed awake so many nights with anxiety worrying about how I’ll live up to my own expectations of this mixtape. In the end, it came together so organically from loving this movie so much and knowing it better than some of my own family members.

Hopefully these songs take you back to simpler, looser, manlier days. Men were men. Cars were cool. Females were less petrified of the male species. Instead of DJs there were house bands with bearded men. Rock n’ roll dominated mainstream radio. Reality shows didn’t exist. Mud wrestling at bars did exist. Beer bottles were cooler. Drive up diners had waitresses on roller skates. Happy Hour was only an hour, but you could polish off twelve beers for twelve bucks. Cigarettes were cool. Mentioning the word “vape” would earn you a punch right in the nose.

The Double Deuce Mix is obviously a massive testament to our love for Road House, but there’s a deep underlining message throughout this mix that shouldn’t be lost in the shadows. It’s the homage to a certain type of man who’s a dying breed these days. The guy who still wears black faded jeans, drinks domestic beer, strictly backs into parking spots, goes to bars still dirty from work without showering first, throws horseshoes and has been working outside for so long that his skin is basically leather. Wade Garrett is the textbook, quintessential leader of this pack.

So reach for a Miller Genuine Draft, grab that platinum blonde wearing the Pizza Hut tablecloth skirt and get ready to boogie.

(download link)

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