Uncle T spent all last weekend rummaging through his wood-paneled basement, parting ways with old nonsense to make room for new nonsense. After carefully separating the Coors Light Beer Wolf merchandise, American Gladiators collectors items and those framed cocaine mirrors they give away at carnivals, he’s plucked out a box of treasures to sell in the TNUC Gift Shop. 

Vintage board games, old band shirts, Spuds Mackenzie shirts, exclusive one-off TNUC merch, rare movie swag, hats and more! Check out the sneak preview below and see all items at!

Your purchase will be supporting this site, which in full disclosure is a 100% 1-Manimal operation if you didn’t realize already. It’s been a wild bunch of years and it’s time to push TNUC to the limit. What’s that mean? For starters, this website needs a revamping. Better graphics, easier navigation, more features, merchandise, etc. The money generated from this basement cleaning will help make those things happen. So thank you!


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