No, that’s not a pool filled with Hi-C Ecto Cooler. It’s a putrid mix of unknown atrocities that our disgruntled janitor “Sludge” poured into the Camp TNUC pool this week!

You see, our longtime janitor Sludge was fired this week for creeping around shower stalls and breathing heavy in cabin windows at night while campers are sleeping. Truth be told, Sludge is actually a gentle giant. He might be a deformed, half-witted, frightening product of inbreeding, but he’s a harmless soul with a heart much bigger than his brain. Plus, we haven’t given him a paycheck for his janitorial work since 1989 and he’s never complained. It worked out great for production and the TNUC payroll.

But what does Sludge do in retaliation for getting fired? Infects our pool with a sickening substance, turning it putrid green!

So unless you’re a rubbery creature like a Boglin, Critter or Goosebumps “Mud Monster” with a taste for key-lime-slime, choosing to swim in the Camp TNUC pool this summer will make you so deformed you’ll probably give ol’ Sludgy a run for his money!

2 Comments on “PUTRID POOL PARTY!”

  1. putrid, radioactive monsters.. that we know of! only poor old Sludge knows what else is in there, the rusty axe used to behead Counselor Pete back in ’87, the corpses of past campers who never made it to the 9th grade… or Tina Sommers’ bikini top that went missing every year.

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