Confession time.

At least once a week there’s a reoccurring dreamscape I enter where I’m deserted on a tropical island. The weather is perfect, the air is pure and there’s enough food to get by. Thanks to my cunning survival instincts I’m relatively safe…or so I think. What begins as a dreamy picture of paradise quickly turns nightmarish when I find out the island is crawling with brain-eating zombie babes.

The biggest dilemma with being on a beautiful island full of female-only zombies is that I’m torn between leaving or not. It sounds crazy, but even though I’m constantly fearing for my life, there’s something alluring about the whole situation. (At least during the daylight hours.)

From way up in my tiki hut the babes hardly look like rotting corpses who want to eat me. From here they look like lonely bikini-car-wash girls and it makes my loincloth shift around. I know my sense of reality is skewed due to too much sun and if I keep buying into this illusion it will probably get me killed. The playlist on my desert island cassette mix also adds to the fantasy as it echoes through my solar-powered amplifier. The first song on the list is called ‘Sauvage’ from a French synth duo called Christine. This heavy electronic number is jam-packed with everything from steel drum samples to animal mating calls.

‘Sauvage’ is the first track off Christine’s new EP Ecstatic Sole which came out this week on Mouton Noir Records / Believe Digital. I don’t know much about the musicians behind this project but I’m just relieved they’ve provided me with songs to help me cope with some of these island temptations. You can grab the Christine EP on iTunes or Juno at your earliest convenience.

What else is on my Zombie Tropics desert island cassette mix? The following are some examples.

Turing Machine – Slave to the Algorithm (Lovelock remix)

Here’s a remix that also represents the overall mood during these frequent dream-quests of mine. Lovelock injects an ideal blend of sunshine and darkness in the song with an ominous, lurking beat giving way to waves of synth and jungle-y percussion. It can’t help but make me imagine these living dead babes crawling out of the sand to come for my slaughtering if they ever find my campsite. As light begins to fade on the island, feelings of dread soak my mind as I anxiously cover my tiki fort with bamboo, palms and banana peels to hide from a potential invasion.

Farbror Resande Mac – Quaaludes

Perfect song. Perfect title. Perfect off-shore breeze. Time to grab some headphones and give these lush sounds the listen that they (and you) deserve. This is the track that plays when I wake up in the morning and realize it was all a dream. I survived another night. I’m not one of the undead…YET.

skull island

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