Experts confirm that 8 out of 10 adults don’t know the first names of the hard-hustling cameramen behind our favorite public-access cable television show Wayne’s World, but Uncle T is looking to change those numbers.

Please clench one fist as tight as possible and raise it high in the air for Alan, Terry & Neil – our Lost Legend(s) Of The Month for June!

Rising up from a moldy basement in Aurora, IL, these detention hall veterans never dreamed they’d succeed to the top after such humble beginnings. Thankfully they made the wise decision to drop out of high school when the getting was good because they never would have met local rock n’ roll talents Wayne & Garth, who would end up bringing them on their journey to star-studded success.

Should Wayne & Garth get all the glory? Maybe, but just as roadies are crucial to a band’s live show, these three bonafide talents shouldn’t be overlooked. Alan, Terry & Neil aren’t ‘behind the scenes’ employees because they bring a lot of spunk, hilarity and heavy metal prowess to the table. They’re not only passionate masters of their craft but true brothers to Wayne and Garth, backing them 100% even during the harsh times. Whether it be a need to get the crew together to invade Gasworks on any given night, or playing tunes on the jukebox at Stan Makita’s Donuts, they’ll be there.

In order to properly profile these bodacious butt-heads, we should probably look at each dude individually.

crew 3Alan!

Right from the start let’s address the elephant in the room. Alan is also “Matt” from Encino Man, the “shooosh”-ing bully who everyone in Encino High’s Class of 1992 loathed so much. Even though he still has the serious beak and his own personal holding company full of fundage, it appears that “Matt” cleaned up his act after being thrown onto the cake table at senior prom courtesy of Link. He dropped the shitty jock attitude and has chosen a new path in life – one that involves a camera rig, surf clothing and a crusty new mop. Way to go Alan! 

One of his memorable scenes is when he’s hanging out on his camera rig, eyeballing Noah Vanderhoff’s (Noah’s Arcade) bimbo wife and tells him “your wife’s a babe”.

crew 4Terry!

Terry is by far the most optimistic of the bunch. Behind his love of heavy metal is also his love for many male figures in the film. In some scenes Terry feels the need to express his emotions, repeating his “I love you man” phrase, which ended up years later inspiring Bud Light to use it for their beer campaigns. During the ‘mega-happy ending’ in the film, Terry says it once more to Benjamin’s right hand man/monkey boy, Russell, who then admits…“and I’ve learned that platonic love can exist between two grown men”.

crew 5Neil!

Neanderthal-ish Neil is the quietest of the three, only muttering a few words here and there. During the awkward scene when Garth is left to host the show by himself, Neil refers to the head-exploding scene in 1981’s Scanners. He’s also left out of the famous ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ car ride scene, but in his place is Aurora’s most unforgettable town drunk, PHIL.

crew 1

Pictured center, Phil is technically part of the crew even though he’s too drunk to contribute anything. He works at a body shop during the day and sports a tremendous heavy metal raglan collection. When the boys are filming the show, he pretty much just sits in the corner and keeps drunk. In his defense he’s a pretty small guy so it probably doesn’t take much for him to be intoxicated and hurl so much. Keep it up, Phil.

Since TNUC was originally going to honor Crucial Taunt as this month’s Lost-Legend, we should end with a song from the mega-babe lead singer and her band. The track is called “Touch Me” and it’s sung by Cassandra herself in the film. The following version however is by the band Private Life, who wrote the song for their Eddie Van Halen-produced self-titled album in 1990. Don’t get too excited, the band is decent at best and very corporate sounding…like something Frankie Sharp of Sharp Records would have gone after in a heartbeat. Nevertheless it’s a rare piece of Wayne’s World history, so enjoy the free download.

[Lost-Legend-Of-The-Month is a heartwrenching chronicle of forgotten iconic warriors who were either wiped off the face of the planet for reasons unknown or simply never got the chance to “peak” during their short-lived careers. We cherish these individuals and devote an entire month to celebrate their impact on society. To see the rest of em’, go here.]


  1. It seems as if you’re reading my mind Uncle T. I’ve been binge watching ‘Wayne’s World,’ and ‘Wayne’s World 2,’ a lot lately since they’re both streaming on Netflix. Wayne and Garth’s camera crew, Alan, Terry and Neil are some of the best characters of the movie. Legends? Definitely. They’re always down and ready to party, head-bang and karaoke sing to some epic tunage. They remind of me of the disciples of Uncle T. Kick-ass post Uncle T!

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