No one on this planet wakes up as refreshed and ready to conquer the day like Francis “Chainsaw” Gremp. If you’re the type that has trouble waking up in the morning, my advice to you is to follow the advice of this horror-obsessed student from Ocean Front High..

Up and at em’! Just look at the expressions on his face throughout the sequence. Is that not how you’d like to wake up every morning? Sure, that blissful look is partly due to particular morning glory-symptoms from hazy dreams about the new Italian exchange student Anna-Maria, but the hand was a big help too. Go ahead and toss your digital alarm clocks in the garbage because this severed hand tickling your neck is all you’ll require for a proper way to start your day. TNUC will begin to examine Chainsaw’s amazing bedroom on post coming next week. Stay tuned..


  1. Awesome movie! I own it and watch it all the time. The Chainsaw Massacre scene with the new teacher is beyond amazing. Oh yeah, we can't forget the smoking hot Anna-Maria and Courtney Thorne-Smith!

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