I can remember fondly when they first came out with the long-butt. It was just at the start of summer in 89′ and one first trip to the beach brought memories that would last lifetimes and change the course of “TNUC Bikini Inspection” for a number of years.

That initial trip to the beach was the first encounter with long-butt culture. Everywhere you turned, girl’s butts seemed to have stretched a good 6-inches or so upward or downward. Not bigger, not smaller…just LONGER. A few crude dudes on the beach were so overcome with shock that they went into epileptic seizure and had to be rushed to the nearest medical clinic. One thing was for sure, this was a firm, in-shape butt. Athletically toned and geometrically correct. I even climbed the nearest lifeguard tower, knocking over the lifeguard and sending him flying into the sand in the process, just to bare witness through a pair of binoculars at this long-butt phenomenon.

This way of life only lasted a few summers but maybe one day will make a triumphant return. To fully embrace the long-butt memories of the past you need to seek out the appropriate material. Go out and rent the movie Side Out, WWF Pay-Per-Views, Baywatch, 1991 Beach Volleyball Tournaments and most importantly Point Break (example pictured above). The part where Angelo (Gary Busey) is undercover and pays a visit to the surf nazi’s house is a shining example of a forgotten long-butt babe. Watch the full scene below and wait for the 4:07 mark to bask in complete long-butt ultra-vision.

If you have pictorial evidence of long-butts, we’d like to see. Post and share them in the comment box of this post or at TNUC Facebook.

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