Nothing can come between Beer Wolf and capturing the savage tan he so rightfully deserves this summer. That’s why during class last Friday he excused himself to go lift his leg in the bathroom and never looked back. This hadn’t exactly been a banner summer for Beer Wolf. On top of being forced to attend summer school, he was fired from his only job, the fast-food restaurant Clown Dog, for playing hockey in the kitchen with a mop and hamburger which resulted in spilling grease everywhere. The only reason he had this job was for the free food. He certainly wasn’t there for the money. Who needs money when you’re a furry, iconic figure with a lifetime supply of Coors Light at home?


  1. My summer school class was awesome. We would watch re-runs of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and take field trips to the beach, the local petting zoo as well as a theme park. Our gym teacher Freddy Shoop also let us throw a rager of a party at his house but we burnt his couch and killed his fish so he didn't throw any more for us, bummer! We got Mr. Shoop fired but it's all good. we got back at that asshole vice principle Mr. Gills!

  2. Anytime Uncle T. Can't wait for the new line of Tee's and everything else you have for us disciples.

  3. filling that pool with gasoline and smoking a cigarette by the sunbed wouldn't make that Wolf anymore dangerous than he already is. that wolf belongs in playgirl, the furry issue.

  4. Yay is the same thing that Beerwolf does in the pool everyday, but add some burgers and good companion. 😉

    I think I need to add more things to my page, so you can write more about Beerwolf here. 😉

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