The unity of John Stamos and The Beach Boys really sprung into global domination when Stamos appeared in the video for their comeback hit “Kokomo”, not only to wear his favorite pink tank-top but also to play conga steel drums. Stamos has a wealth of musical chops, practicing in drums, keyboard, guitar, bass and a number of exotic percussion instruments. The Beach Boys, who at the time were looking their absolute best in neon hats and a powerful dad-beard courtesy of Carl Wilson, scored big-time when the single became their first #1 hit in 22 years. Many would watch the following video and ask if Stamos’s “part-time Beach Boy” status would contribute to the massive success of the song. See for yourself…

is all smiles throughout the video and it makes perfect sense. The video was shot at the grand opening of the Floridian Resort in Walt Disney World, Florida and most of the crowd on the fake beach was made up of college cheerleaders from the University of Nevada. If these babes only knew that the man behind the bongos with the big grin on his face would later star as Jesse Katsopolis of Full House, they would have wasted no time in inviting him to a game of coed-naked volleyball the following day.

The song itself is perfect at every angle. One YouTube user comment says it best, “his voice is made of caramel”. The production is enormous and appears as though the louder you play it, the better and richer the output. With every listen, there’s new production-studio magic to be heard that allows the song to seem timeless. Still, for whatever reason I find myself struggling to convince people to revisit the song, unless Cocktail is playing on the television.

Buy Cocktail: The Motion Picture Soundtrack here
Download Kokomo here 


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3 Comments on “JOHN STAMOS + THE BEACH BOYS [PART 1].”

  1. LOVE IT. More Stamos… Please. Especially Stamos vs. Gene Simmons. I may have to correct one *tiny* little detail. Stamos first played with the BB's on July 4th, 1985. But Kokomo is epic.(sorry, I'm a geek for the guys). Love the site!

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