A new “programming residency/bi-weekly Friday film explosion” has infiltrated our turf and promises to turn you into a certifiably obsessed, midnite-movie maniac. This cinematic full-course feast takes place at Cinefamily in Los Angeles. As chiseled in granite on their front steps they proclaim…

“HEAVY HITTER MIDNITES: A carefully curated collection of pizza party classics, fist explosions, international adrenaline-pumpers, ‘80s funbombs, white-hot laugh factories, total freakazoids and more. This is a dedicated study of all that is, and can be, AWESOME.”


Heavy Hitter Midnites hits a grand slam home to Camp TNUC this upcoming Friday when they screen the 1986 eruption Never Too Young To Die. Our FIRST-EVER post on the blog spotlighted a steamy scene from the flick featuring John Stamos & Vanity…plus a ton o’ sweat and soaring sounds of a mighty saxophone. Way back during TNUC’s first encounter with the film, he was so moved that he had a revelation…a revelation which whispered to him that the only permissible way to ignite this blog and christen it’s soil would be to feature a piece from this beloved pizza party masterpiece. Vanity would continue to rock TNUC’s universe for years afterwards and has become a iconic babe of power around these parts. The stars all align on Friday when Heavy Hitters screens the film, which quite possibly could be the only 35mm print in existence.

If you haven’t experienced this one on the big screen in 35mm, you need to drop everything and get to Los Angeles. You’d better cancel your brunch with Grandma and start preparing mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually for what could be a once-in-a-lifetime midnight movie-going explosion.


Official Press Release:

Pack your bags and prepare for the RIDE OF YOUR LIFE, as gymnast heartthrob Lance Stargrove (a pre-”Full House” John Stamos!) avenges the death of his superspy father (former James Bond-er George Lazenby), meets-cute with the sexy Danja Deering (Prince protégé Vanity), and fights to save the world from hermaphrodite megavillain/sultry chanteuse Velvet Von Ragner (Gene Simmons of Kiss, in the role he was born to play.) The ‘80s pizza party masterpiece that you’ve waited a lifetime to discover, Never Too Young To Die delivers on its promise of outrageous action, radical style, loud tunes and big hair, while simultaneously re-examining gender roles in modern cinema. Not to be missed and not on DVD, this Reagan-era time-bomb is screening from what may be the only remaining 35mm print in the known universe!
Dir. Gil Bettman, 1986, 35mm, 97 min.

(babes getting dropped off at a recent Heavy Hitter Midnites screening)


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