[Continued from Part 1] This is one of those “see it to believe it” duets of music + film that really pummels people’s minds when you tell them about it. A California surf-rock band from the 1960’s releases a music video from 1990 featuring a red-head tike running around getting into mischief…Oh but John Stamos is in it? OK, we’ll start paying attention now. This MUST BE GOOD.

Yes, again Stamos joins the boys for another dose of his precise percussion. He returns from the massive success of the Kokomo single, once again smiling and profiling behind the kit, but this time getting some pranks pulled on him. Junior Healy (Michael Oliver), adopted son of Ben Healy (John Ritter) and adopted grandson of BIG BEN HEALY (Jack Warden), spills what looks like milk all over Stamos. Or maybe it’s Greek yogurt? Stamos plays it cool and doesn’t freak out, but i’m pretty sure deep inside at this point he wishes he could grab Becky and hop on his Harley to blow off some steam. Many would argue that Stamos is the only redeeming quality of this video and song, but I disagree. Carl Wilson’s cocoa-butter voice is damn near perfection and always makes me want to kick back in my lawn chair and grab a colorful drink with an umbrella in it. Plus, I always dug that he looks like the carpenter you hired to do the addition on your kitchen. The no-frills beard, sunglasses and care-free “natural cool” attitude is admirable. Huey Lewis also dons this image and carries it effortlessly.

If anyone can locate the song on vinyl or digital, please let me know. Somewhere out there actually exists ‘Single edit’, ‘Movie edit’ and ‘Instrumental’ versions of the song, but I have yet to come across anything yet in my findings. It was not included on the official Problem Child soundtrack and remains lost in the shadows.

Have a look at this music video “making of” segment:

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