The art of excitement, the science of control.” All it took was a glance at these cars parked in a lot and you could hear the V8 engine whispering to you, calling you to the road. The look of these vehicles just screamed pure power. And then there were the commercials.

When it comes to making advertisements and commercials, nobody does it like Pontiac. Nobody can package a shot of clean adrenaline to your heart in 30 seconds like the promotional powerhouses at this company.In an attempt to harness and match the power and aggressiveness that these vehicles held, the marketing hotshots at Pontiac crafted commercials that played like a triple-threat music video, action movie and sci-fi thriller all in one. They’ve been posted on here numerous times and can be found all over YouTube. As a tribute to Pontiac, who by the way have been defunct since October 31, 2010 (RIP), we stripped the audio from the best of the best of Pontiac commercials and packaged them in an EP for you to download and cherish. No apologies for the bad sound quality. Consider it a blessing that someone excavated these commercials for us to enjoy. Stream the EP here, then download below (zip).


“Create a car to conquer the wind, a car that lets you slip off the commonplace and experience driving excitement as never before… the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. Sit here and learn first hand how Firebird conquers the wind and the world. Pontiac. We Build Excitement.”


2 Comments on “CONQUER THE WIND [EP].”

  1. Love the playlist! Now, if only I could play it in a Pontiac Firebird heading down the highway at 100 mph.

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