Nobody told them that when they’d give up the ‘ludes, they’d become TWO CRUDE DUDES. 

They gallop down the Pacific Coast Highway in a 1986 JEEP CJ-7 and a 1985 Monte Carlo SS (with T-Tops), each with one arm out the window, fully tanned, veins popping out and chewing bubble gum. Their plan? To bulldoze down the dull and lifeless indie-rock and emo stylings of the modern neutered man. This is TNUC and Mike Ballermann’s “TWO CRUDE DUDES MIX :: 12 TRACKS OF TWISTED STEEL AND SEX APPEAL”. Coming soon to and!

Wouldn’t it have been a little predictable if TNUC had made his latest video to some teen-dream, neon lit, soft-bedroom-pop, generic-sounding electronic song? To keep things fresh and lethal, like Malibu’s feathered hair, we constructed a party-metal video to accompany the TWO CRUDE DUDE’S upcoming mix. Be sure to stay until the very end of the video and please, TURN IT UP.


  1. I can't freakin' wait! All I remember was I woke up on the beach, takin' in some cosmic rays, gettin' healed by mother nature. Takin' in a lil brewski, holdin' onto a beautiful babe and I'm still high today.

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