The following song is dedicated to all you night beasts out there on the street right now. This is the song that plays after your savage night out with that that special skirt. The city is empty at this time of night, feeling like you and your trenchcoat are the only remaining survivors. You take the usual route. First walking through Chinatown over the beautiful columns of steam rising from the streets. On this particular night, your eye really catches these great clouds of vapor churning and billowing through the headlights and street lights. Then its through the inner city park, arcade, abandoned amusement park and down the deserted subway tracks. You cross over the bridge, pass the burning barrels and enter the vacant warehouse and conveyer belt factory. At last you’re finally home. You are the Night.

3 Comments on “THE NIGHT.”

  1. Wow, I just love you sir. nothing could more exemplify the 80s than one paragraph right there, from the arcades to the abandoned warehouses, you just nailed them all. I hope to meet you someday, if I didn't have your blog to encourage me in my passion for this decade I don't know where to go. Godspeed!

  2. Thanks Durden. I really appreciate hearing feedback like that. Sometimes its like a fucking crypt around here, i'm often wondering if anyones even reading the blog anymore!

    But then i'll get a flood of responses on Facebook and a slew of emails and the relief washes over.

    Please, if you have spare time, share these types of posts if ya like em'!

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