Dear TNUC, 

This is a first person account of my journey into The Final Eclipse:

Deep in the Mediterranean, a light, misty rain filled the air and a crisp breeze blew in from the sea. I lit my cigarette and continued to stroll down the empty beach, the faint scent of lotion, oils, and hardbodies from the day accented the strong smell of the sea and the wet sand. Tonight was not a starry night for the sky was shrouded in a thin, vaporous fog. Pericing through the sky was a lunar eclipse which gave the beach a rather peculiar glow and set the tone for this magical encounter.
I heard a distant echo reverberating over the sea, reaching out, calling to me. Off in the distance, was a beautiful villa on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean. I approached closer and closer to this mysterious villa and the sound became clearer and clearer. I noticed swirling smoke emanating from a balcony, pouring from a scantly lit dark blue room. When I finally made it to the villa the front door was open leading directly to the stairwell. The music stopped, all I heard was the breeze blowing through the windows, waves crashing against the nearby cliffs, and my own footsteps reverberating as if by design, throughout this majestic villa.
I opened the door leading to the balcony and saw curtains blowing, candles lit, the lighting was scantly blue. A soft rain was pelting against the windows, a fireplace surrounded by brass vases of various sizes warmed up the room. I sat down in a velvet chair, oblivious to the fact that I was about to experience a journey of intrigue, of passion, of sunshine, of THE NIGHT that could only come out of a place like this. Almost on cue, SPIROS walked in, like a phantom. Effortlessly he grabbed a record, put it on the record player and dropped the needle. He pressed play, the vinyl cracked and this began THE FINAL ECLIPSE.


6 Comments on “SPIROS 3: THE FINAL ECLIPSE.”

  1. “his fingers ran through my neck and untied my silk robe loose. by the time he had reached my hands with his, his hips were already talking through my body, calling out my name, begging me to surrender… to the very slow beats”


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