spiros trees

SPIROS exists. This much I know to be true. After last gracing these lands with The Final Eclipse and opening his world to Uncle T via an exclusive invite to his villa, further traces of the Mediterranean phantom have been scant, but rest assured, there have been traces.

I received word from a museum curator friend of mine in Southern Italy that he received a request from a mysterious man, whose physical description and mannerisms matched those of SPIROS himself. The man requested a private viewing of the museums showcase of the paintings, as well as works of Max Ernst and Paul Delvaux. He said the man wandered around the galleries, losing himself in the surreal landscapes like a drifter at sea in search of the Siren’s song.


I also heard of a correspondence he had with another fellow musician in which he confided that he was going on a tour of Southeast Asia in search of ‘The Lost City of the Emerald Tiger’ and the glittering temples adorned with jade that lie hidden somewhere amongst the dense jungles that snake alongside the Mekong.

Most recently, I heard of a rather strange encounter a friend of mine had while she was touring Italy. She told me that she saw a lone gondolier parked beside a bridge in Palermo, who promised to take her to a land of exotic beauty and intrigue. He took her hand, guided her into the boat and began to row and serenade her with songs of great passion, gently rocking her to sleep. When she awoke, she found herself enshrouded in mist, approaching a majestic villa atop a rocky cliff overlooking the Mediterranean…


And then there’s this. Perhaps as direct a piece of evidence that one could hope for that confirms SPIROS is out there. So far, all of my research on this video has lead to nothing but further questions and dead ends. It does appear that SPIROS has wrote the song, sang the song, starred in the video, directed it, and also had it filmed in his haunting villa. See for yourself.

Let’s examine the hard evidence if you will:

Blue lighting
Rolling mist
White linens
Long, flowing black mane
Venetian masks
Billowing curtains
That look 43 seconds in

Not to mention everything about the very nature of the song itself. Is this none other than our Mediterranean phantom himself? What do you think? Have you had any encounters or sightings yourself? Please, let us know.

-Kurt Sloan

Confused and bewildered? Who is this SPIROS we speak of? Check out these links to begin your journey:


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