TNUC Home Video
℗ 2011 Binary Records
A scenario: Its a cold, stormy afternoon. Mom surprisingly bought your story of being too sick to go to school and Dad is too wrapped up in the corporate world and office life to give a damn. You’ve got the day to yourself and you can think of nothing better than walking down to your local video outlet to see what new VHS titles have arrived in the erotic thriller section.
The walk down to the store in the rain feels like forever, and you pause for a moment, thinking maybe you should have just put on the Lifetime Movie Network to feed your erotic thirst, but no, you’re stronger than that, and you’re looking for something better, so you continue the journey. Finally you arrive. You’re suddenly pulled in from some hypnotic tractor beam through a thick, dense fog into the erotic thriller section. The never-ending collection of irresistible titles and cover artwork at your video store is overwhelming. All those women, the long legs, black stalkings, full-body fishnets, dangerous deceptions, voyeurism, silhouetted outlines, red lipstick and of course the seduced and helpless looks on the faces of every man. You begin to sweat. You want to take each and every VHS home with you and start a vicious collection. But you can’t, you’re forced to make the decision of choosing ONE title. Which ONE will it be? Which ONE piece of cover artwork is going to steal your desires? Which ONE tagline is going to rob your heart and pull you in? 

Disciples, this is the TNUC TANTALIZING TAGLINE CONTEST. Everyone knows theres nothing like a provocative, tantalizing tagline placed so gracefully on the cover of an erotic thriller VHS box to lure you in and make you bravely go up to the store clerk and hand over your chosen rental. This is where TNUC needs your help! If you have what it takes to come up with the sexiest, beastiest tagline for his new video, YOU win yourself a TNUC T-Shirt + DVD copy of all TNUC video paraphernalia ever released! Here are a few examples of red-hot taglines used for classics in sultry cinema:

She was seduced into a world of sexual adventure…and dangerous deception.

Too provocative to resist. Too dangerous to ignore.
A woman to die for. A secret to kill for.
Step into a world of private fantasies and forbidden pleasures.
Trapped by a burning secret, torn by a blazing desire.
The only thing hotter than her dreams…is reality.
He stole her diaries, broke into her dreams and became her desires.
Do you have what it takes? Watch the video, multiple times if needed, then submit your tagline entries to the official TNUC Facebook page by June 14th, 2011 to win one of these hot numbers!

100% Cotton (sz S/M/L)
200% The teachers gonna hate it


  1. I am wearing my TNUC shirt right now. My TNUC shirt is super comfortable and awesome. I did laundry last night, and the first shirt I wore, was my TNUC shirt!

  2. Where on your fb page can I buy one of these shirts? I don't see it anywhere. I want to buy one.

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