After a brief silence, Lovelock is back to continue it’s reign as the cream of the crop. This week he released the 3-track vinyl, ‘Pino Grigio’, which features edits of Pino Donnagio, Mike Oldfield and Simple Minds. This very limited and vinyl-only release is out now on Belgian edit label Mindless Boogie. Stream one of the tracks below.

The finest display of highbrow sophistication here is the title track, ‘Pino Grigio’. I completely adore what Lovelock has done with this. He chooses an already superb song from the great Pino Donnagio and transforms it into a cigarrette-boat-cruising jam packed with plenty of white linens and $700 leisure suits. So fire up the engines, grab your dream girl and prepare for a trip across vast oceans and into uncharted horizons.

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