You know them.
You want them.
You need them.

If you didn’t already know, TNUC has strong ties to the Valley. The San Fernando Valley that is. Back in 1984, TNUC worked a grueling 3-hours a week at The Galleria, earning a little extra cash for quaaludes, junk, beer and pizza. In those days we didn’t have Malls…we had Gallerias. So get it right or pay the price.

The highest, most prestigious reward from working at The Galleria was the Valley girls. This place was a fully functional babe lair. Most of them were either skipping school to shop or hitting the stores after a long day of volleyball at the beach. Whether in the food court or the arcade, the girls were here with one objective…spending Daddy’s gold card. But upon hearing about TNUC’s black Trans-AM, the babes were helpless against it’s powers.

When I heard Born to Love from French producer Paul, instantly I was brought back to memories of cruising around parking structures in the Trans-AM, babes intact. So press play, close your eyes and reflect for a moment on the sacred temple of consumer culture and babe universe, The Galleria. This is Valley Music.

Have mercy.

6 Comments on “VALLEY MUSIC.”

  1. superb mini-mix kazes.

    it's refreshing to listen to a mini-mix too……i have no patience sometimes for the 15-20+ song mixes!!

    quality not quantity!

  2. Hello my friend. GREAT POST!!!! I have this old book that someone let me borrow and it got lost in the ways of life resulting ME KEEPING IT FOREVER! It is a Valley Girl Guide. Like slangbook. Have you heard of it? I will have to take a picture and show you! Or perhaps keep it in my purse until the next time we meet!

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