Name: Andrew Rodriguez
Santa Barbara, CA
Accounting nerd by day, DJ by night.
How TNUC changed your life:
TNUC makes all my fantasies reality.

Some people dream in colors…I dream in TNUC. Since TNUC made its way onto my blog roll many moons ago, there have been a few tracks that I’ve discovered along the way that I absolutely love and believe are just dying to be TNUC’ed. Incorporating a hot new Binary-esque track w/throwback video montages is something I’ve been dreaming about for a long time. So when I first discovered TNUC way back when, I could not have been more pleased. Here are a few current tracks that I believe to be TNUC worthy for a video to be done (or just simply for your listening pleasure):

Mp3-> Chelly – Took the Night (GRUM remix)
Mp3-> DJ Agent 86 – Magic
Mp3-> Xuman – Panic

And hey TNUC…when are you gonna do an homage to 80s tough girls set to the music of Pat Benetar’s ‘Invincible’ (theme from The Legend of Billie Jean)? Of course the clip would have to feature Helen Slater (Billie Jean), Jodie Foster (Foxes), Lea Thompson & Jennifer Grey (Red Dawn), Tanya Roberts (Beastmaster) and/or perhaps maybe one of the Tuscadero sisters?

Just a thought…
Anyway, thanks Uncle T for doing what you do.

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