A little less than a month ago, a test of great endurance, prowess, speed and agility was held here at Uncle TNUC’s. Contestants were put into a physical challenge to see who could identify the most films used in my latest video. The jackpot for contestants was not only winning a “TNUC MYSTERY BOX”, but also being chosen to create their very own posts for this blog.

After many wasted days and sleepless nights, here is our first winner’s post:

Markus Malibu Bruening.
Residency: Cologne, Germany.
Occupation: Health Food.
Lifestyle: Monday to Friday it’s health, gym, discipline – Weekend is booze, pigs and fix.
How TNUC changed your life: Lost by myself in a present that was never meant to be, TNUC kept my dream alive. The dream of flying deloreans, hoverboards, cybernetic organisms, living tissue over metal endoskeletons, venturous moustached Italian strangers of the night that take you to other dimensions by using next level synths, little foxes down at the beach and bitchin’ hard rock bands whose sleazy tunes make you wanna party all night and day…an epic life.

“The following mix is dedicated to Cannon Films, Power Glove, Sega Genesis, Kyle Reese, The Wraith, Super Contra, Snake Plissken, Rimini, Starscream, The T-800, Tech Noir: Los Angeles, The Cold War and last but not least my idol, brother in mind and guide through the strange present time, UNCLE T!”

intro – snatcher
lovelock – deco district 
the splash band – die klapperschlange 
vince dicola – moon base 2 shuttle launch / escape 
wang chung – city of the angels 
electrick dragon – breakaway 
power glove – altered fire
slayer – angel of death 

the vigilantz – the hunt 
steve moore – infinite resignation 
gatekeeper – optimus maximus 
the hasbeens – fall to pieces 
michel rubini – graham’s theme 

“33 minutes of packed cybernetic thrusting synth brutality to the max”

4 Comments on “MYSTERY BOX WINNER #1.”

  1. The beginning is insane and i love it when the drums kicks in from lovelock. To bad u didn't use Nightforce from PG.I already got mix street desire from bermuda and its awesome!

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