Been a little slow around these parts lately due to a week-long, holiday Quaalude bender. All that matters is that Uncle T is back and ready to show no mercy. The TNUC book of excellence and elegance didn’t thrust into the new year to bore you with another 09′ Best-Of List like the rest of them because, frankly, we can’t remember what happened in the past decade, never mind 2009.

So here it is! After a lengthy wait, the new TNUC video for Futurecop!’s ‘1988 Girls’ is among us. If you caught the original video which features the vocal stylings of Keith Masters, then good job, but this is the TNUC final cut. This instrumental version of the track pairs up with a slightly altered video that brings a little skin for the dudes and some legendary skin for the dudettes. So turn it up, maximize the screen and make sure Mom’s gone to bed…Get set to get wet.


16 Comments on “FUTURECOP – 1988 GIRLS [VIDEO PREMIERE].”

  1. License to Drive
    They Live
    Harry & the Hendersons
    Road House
    Christmas Vacation
    Bachelor Party
    Night Shift
    Private School
    + Saved by the Bell & SNL Chippendale's skit

    Lacey Underall, Mercedes Lane & the girl from Private School are 3 of my all time favorites.

    AND…i didn't cheat by using IMDB or Googling any, i swear.

  2. The Wizard
    Firewalker (I think)
    They Live
    License To Drive
    Harry and The Hendersons
    Saved By The Bell
    Back To The Future
    Bachelor Party
    Night Shift
    Saturday Night Live Chippendale Skit
    Private School

  3. The Wizard! My favorite Fred Savage movie tied with Little Monsters followed by Vice Versa.

    Power Glove looks so VULGAR coming out of that suitcase.

  4. 1) miami vice – season 3 episode 2 when irish eyes are crying
    2) the wizard
    3) delta force
    4) they live
    5) DC Cab
    6) caddyshack
    7) hardbodies
    8) road house
    9) license to drive
    10) zapped!
    11) miami vice – season 2 episode 13 definitely miami
    12) harry and the hendersons
    13) the wraith – big kays burger scene
    14) saved by the bell – kelly kopowski scene
    15) license to drive
    16) over the top
    17) back to the future rare teaser
    18) the seduction
    19) christmas vacation
    20) harry and the hendersons
    21) the wizard
    22) bachelor party
    23) night shift
    24) night shift
    25) the wizard power glove scene
    26) license to drive
    27) miami vice season 2 episode 13 definitely miami ending scene
    28) patrick swayze at saturday night life
    29) private school
    30) road house bare butt scene


  5. contests rules state: “Be the first to name all or the majority of movie clips used in the video and you will win yourself a TNUC MYSTERY BOX.”

    by definition, majority is more than half the total. i was first AND named more than half the clips (w/o cheating, mind you).

    do i win?!?!?

    even if i don't, i'm still very pleased to see Jordan from Private School bareback.

    Ever get a proper release? Instrumental version is amazing.


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