Time to do some digging in the TNUC RADIO-FM archives. With this remix still being as delicious as ever, I couldn’t help putting this clip together. This quick compilation of images and scenes is just a little taste for the young, the hungry and the ravenous ones that are in heat for a new TNUC video feature.

Now before you call me cheap and tell me my stock has gone down, I have good news for all you vidiots* and video vamps**. Two full-length videos are coming your way very soon. The Futurecop! 88′ Girls video is completed and ready to be unleashed upon the masses. I’m just eagerly awaiting their label to give me the OK. Once this happens, the video and single will be released simultaneously. Also, my video for Fabian is coming right around the corner. When I say this video will be pure, uncut, class-A Colombian, I mean it. For now, enjoy the above clip and these two tracks that should push you to the limit…

Dj DLG & Redroche – On the Run (The Outrunners remix) download

Christopher Cross – Ride Like the Wind download

*Vidiot (noun) – A person habitually consumed in video or computer games to the point of losing contact with the world around him, often evidenced by a blank or glazed look and disheveled appearance.

**Video Vamp (noun) – An alluring and seductive woman from the VHS era whose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations.


  1. Awesome job..I went ahead and checked out your other videos.This Outrunners remix is one of my favorites aside from their Codebreaker remix.Can't wait for that 88 girls video though! Sounds like a dream…you should release all your projects on VHS..er DVD.

  2. Your video and this song has totally brought me back to life from the dead! After being sick for over a month this song has revitalized me. Amping me for tomorrows TILT.

    As I blaze down the hwy to L.A. I will be blasting this while going 100mph in the minicooper!

    Hope to see you there @ TILT tomorrow TNUC!

  3. ahaha i'm happy this video nursed you back to a picture of health.

    yea man. when those big synths come crashing into this song about 1:00 in, ahhh pure bliss.

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