There are a number of ways one can be plunged into a deep abyss of seduction. From the ripping sounds of a late night saxophone moaning through the night air to the powerful, sensual stylings of an Aerobics studio, seduction can come at any striking moment. If anyone knows, it’s TNUC.

Today’s installment is one of great importance. This clip is just a mere glimpse into the brilliance that is the 1984 aerobic-exploitation film, Heavenly Bodies. Just a fair warning, don’t feel bad when your lifting your jaw up from the floor after you witness the glistening, golden, sweaty delight that is Heavenly Bodies. Girls in leotards, endless montages, crotch-thrusting, abandoned warehouses turned into dance studios…just riveting. Here at the TNUC dome, these things are staples of our lifestyle.

Locating Heavenly Bodies on VHS is rare, but don’t fret because the legendary midnight-maniac event New Beverly Midnights here in Los Angeles has screened the flick twice already, and will continue to do so for years to come. TNUC of course attended this years annual event, and let me say, catching this film on the big screen is the way it was meant to be seen. With that said, Heavenly Bodies has only been shown at the theaters three times. Once for its premier in Canada, and twice at New Beverly!

Like the movie, the soundtrack is a rare find. Originally, I had thought of only posting one song from the soundtrack. But that would be weak. At this pummeling dance-ersize studio, these limber ladies have no time for weakness, they’re here for one reason: To turn that mush into muscle! So here’s the soundtrack…sweat, spandex and all.

Heavenly Bodies (1984) download (alt. link)
1. Bonnie Pointer – The Beast in Me
2. Sparks – Breaking Out of Prison
3. The Tubes – Out of Control
4. Cheryl Lynn – At Last You’re Mine
5. Marc Tanner – Look What You’ve Done to Me
6. Gary Wright – Breakthrough
7. Dwight Tilley – Keep on Working
8. Bonnie Pointer – Heaven
9. Joe Lamont – Love Always Wins
10. Boys Brigade – Into the Flow

6 Comments on “AEROBIC SEDUCTION.”

  1. fun fact: Giorgio Moroder lent a helping hand in production duties for this release.

    So yes, download it and spread it like a fierce case of VD!

  2. Will you please stop using zshare? Get with the program, mediafire, savefile, megaupload. Those are all great download services offering high download speeds.

    I know that criticizing a man's hosting service is like saying mean things about his mom, but your mom's downloads are really slow.

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