Your eyes skim the sleek, sinuous stainless steel body, and all your senses tell you, “I’ve got to have it!”

The counterbalanced gull-wing doors rise effortlessly, beckoning you inside.

The soft leather seat in the cockpit fits you like it was made for your body.
You turn the key. The light alloy V-6 comes to life instantly.

THE DE LOREAN. Surely one of the most awaited automobiles in automotive history. It all began with one man’s vision of the perfect luxury car. Built for long life, it employs the latest space-age materials. 
Of course everyone stares as you drive by. Sure…they’re a little envious. That’s expected. After all, you’re the one LIVING THE DREAM.

I would like every single disciple who reads this post to do something for all that is TNUC. I ask you to please play the tracks featured below as you read and examine this exotic sports car. Hopefully posts like these lift you up, give you power and become more of an experience than a browse.

Giorgio Moroder & Paul Engemann – American Dream (12″) d/l

The story begins with a dream. The dream of a man named John De Lorean. The adverstisments for this $25,000 model DMC-12 read “Live the Dream” and for a while, Mr. De Lorean was indeed living his dream. His lavish-lifestyle was filled with houses around the world, fleets of cars, $700 suits and even servants. But then came 1982, when De Lorean became a struggling mess. His company was sinking after sales for his dream-mobile had pummeled. Next, De Lorean faced his worst nightmare. He was arrested in an FBI drug sting for cocaine trafficking. Though videotaped saying “Cocaine is better than gold”, he was eventually cleared on the trafficking charges.

For Uncle T, the only feature missing from the Delorean was an automatic fog dispenser when the gullwing doors open. 

Imagine for a moment: You pull up to a girl’s house in your brand new stainless-steel beast. Her parents are sneakily peeking out of an upstairs window at their daughter opening a vertical-rising door while a sea of fog pours out as she climbs inside. A frantic look rushes over their faces. They run to the door to warn their daughter, but it’s too late. All that remains is a hint of fog lingering in the driveway. The mysterious, space-age-dream-date has left their quiet suburb and is headed into dark, laser-filled territory. This is one night she will never forget. Don’t wait up!

It’s times like these when parents realize somethings changed in their sweet daughters. Bid farewell to milk & cookies and Justin Beiber…and say hello to the make-out point and Giorgio Moroder.

Here are 3 favorites of mine from the Risky Business soundtrack. While “Love on a Real Train” is a favorite amoung the masses, “Lana” was always the stand-out track for me. The song almost has hints of Pink Floyd and Emerson, Lake and Palmer. How can you listen to this song and not think of Rebecca De Mornay storming through the door? Big thanks to the Inferno Music Crypt for coming through with their extended version of the soundtrack.

Tangerine Dream – Lana (Instrumental) d/l

Tangerine Dream – Watering Flowers (Instrumental) d/l

Tangerine Dream – The Dream is Always the Same (Instrumental) d/l

2 Comments on “LIVE THE DREAM.”

  1. This is going to be the first car I get if and when I do “make it big” in any way. I saw something on TV about a manufacturer in Dallas or Houston that still make a fully functional delorean…for a pretty penny. Tangerine Dream & Giorgio moroder are great. I have a nice 10 minute track I'll be putting up soon on my blog from him.

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