If you’ve ever pondered the notion of what TNUC was doing during the forgotten 1990’s, this exclusive peek inside could be your only chance. This never-before-seen footage of a typical morning surfaced last week from a laboratory archive in the Valley.


A little less than a month ago, a test of great endurance, prowess, speed and agility was held here at Uncle TNUC’s. Contestants were put into a physical challenge to see who could identify the most films used in my latest video. The jackpot for contestants was not only winning a “TNUC MYSTERY BOX”, but also being chosen to create their very own posts for this blog.

After many wasted days and sleepless nights, here is our first winner’s post:

Markus Malibu Bruening.
Residency: Cologne, Germany.
Occupation: Health Food.
Lifestyle: Monday to Friday it’s health, gym, discipline – Weekend is booze, pigs and fix.
How TNUC changed your life: Lost by myself in a present that was never meant to be, TNUC kept my dream alive. The dream of flying deloreans, hoverboards, cybernetic organisms, living tissue over metal endoskeletons, venturous moustached Italian strangers of the night that take you to other dimensions by using next level synths, little foxes down at the beach and bitchin’ hard rock bands whose sleazy tunes make you wanna party all night and day…an epic life.

“The following mix is dedicated to Cannon Films, Power Glove, Sega Genesis, Kyle Reese, The Wraith, Super Contra, Snake Plissken, Rimini, Starscream, The T-800, Tech Noir: Los Angeles, The Cold War and last but not least my idol, brother in mind and guide through the strange present time, UNCLE T!”

intro – snatcher
lovelock – deco district 
the splash band – die klapperschlange 
vince dicola – moon base 2 shuttle launch / escape 
wang chung – city of the angels 
electrick dragon – breakaway 
power glove – altered fire
slayer – angel of death 

the vigilantz – the hunt 
steve moore – infinite resignation 
gatekeeper – optimus maximus 
the hasbeens – fall to pieces 
michel rubini – graham’s theme 

“33 minutes of packed cybernetic thrusting synth brutality to the max”


Name: Andrew Rodriguez
Santa Barbara, CA
Accounting nerd by day, DJ by night.
How TNUC changed your life:
TNUC makes all my fantasies reality.

Some people dream in colors…I dream in TNUC. Since TNUC made its way onto my blog roll many moons ago, there have been a few tracks that I’ve discovered along the way that I absolutely love and believe are just dying to be TNUC’ed. Incorporating a hot new Binary-esque track w/throwback video montages is something I’ve been dreaming about for a long time. So when I first discovered TNUC way back when, I could not have been more pleased. Here are a few current tracks that I believe to be TNUC worthy for a video to be done (or just simply for your listening pleasure):

Mp3-> Chelly – Took the Night (GRUM remix)
Mp3-> DJ Agent 86 – Magic
Mp3-> Xuman – Panic

And hey TNUC…when are you gonna do an homage to 80s tough girls set to the music of Pat Benetar’s ‘Invincible’ (theme from The Legend of Billie Jean)? Of course the clip would have to feature Helen Slater (Billie Jean), Jodie Foster (Foxes), Lea Thompson & Jennifer Grey (Red Dawn), Tanya Roberts (Beastmaster) and/or perhaps maybe one of the Tuscadero sisters?

Just a thought…
Anyway, thanks Uncle T for doing what you do.



You know them.
You want them.
You need them.

If you didn’t already know, TNUC has strong ties to the Valley. The San Fernando Valley that is. Back in 1984, TNUC worked a grueling 3-hours a week at The Galleria, earning a little extra cash for quaaludes, junk, beer and pizza. In those days we didn’t have Malls…we had Gallerias. So get it right or pay the price.

The highest, most prestigious reward from working at The Galleria was the Valley girls. This place was a fully functional babe lair. Most of them were either skipping school to shop or hitting the stores after a long day of volleyball at the beach. Whether in the food court or the arcade, the girls were here with one objective…spending Daddy’s gold card. But upon hearing about TNUC’s black Trans-AM, the babes were helpless against it’s powers.

When I heard Born to Love from French producer Paul, instantly I was brought back to memories of cruising around parking structures in the Trans-AM, babes intact. So press play, close your eyes and reflect for a moment on the sacred temple of consumer culture and babe universe, The Galleria. This is Valley Music.

Have mercy.


After a brief silence, Lovelock is back to continue it’s reign as the cream of the crop. This week he released the 3-track vinyl, ‘Pino Grigio’, which features edits of Pino Donnagio, Mike Oldfield and Simple Minds. This very limited and vinyl-only release is out now on Belgian edit label Mindless Boogie. Stream one of the tracks below.

The finest display of highbrow sophistication here is the title track, ‘Pino Grigio’. I completely adore what Lovelock has done with this. He chooses an already superb song from the great Pino Donnagio and transforms it into a cigarrette-boat-cruising jam packed with plenty of white linens and $700 leisure suits. So fire up the engines, grab your dream girl and prepare for a trip across vast oceans and into uncharted horizons.


Been a little slow around these parts lately due to a week-long, holiday Quaalude bender. All that matters is that Uncle T is back and ready to show no mercy. The TNUC book of excellence and elegance didn’t thrust into the new year to bore you with another 09′ Best-Of List like the rest of them because, frankly, we can’t remember what happened in the past decade, never mind 2009.

So here it is! After a lengthy wait, the new TNUC video for Futurecop!’s ‘1988 Girls’ is among us. If you caught the original video which features the vocal stylings of Keith Masters, then good job, but this is the TNUC final cut. This instrumental version of the track pairs up with a slightly altered video that brings a little skin for the dudes and some legendary skin for the dudettes. So turn it up, maximize the screen and make sure Mom’s gone to bed…Get set to get wet.