Today TNUC has been smooched, pecked, manhandled, groped, stroked, caressed, humped and fondled more times than you can shake a stick at. As you can see in the photo, he’s got the high-school-hickies to show for it! This Valentines Day, grab your #1 squeeze and plant a few on her for TNUC. Hopefully she’s the kind of woman that makes you drop to your knees and thank God you are a man. For touching background music, originally I was going to post Tangerine Dream’s ‘Love On a Real Train’, but that just felt too predictable. It just so happens that today Binary Entertainment is releasing the new single from Futurecop!, ‘Dreams’ (featuring Keenhouse) and it’s simply mouth watering.

Head on over to any of the major music conglomerates to purchase the track and support delicious music. Or if your lady just fondled your privates and you’re too spent to do anything, just go pick it up on iTunes right here.

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