For many years this photo was the only conclusive evidence to the existence and whereabouts of soundtrack composer Gianni Rossi. But just recently, the following press release was uncovered:

Italo / Canadian composer Gianni Rossi, once considered the World’s top session keyboardist, has had his share of ups and downs. By the age of 25 he had scored several minor dance hits in Central America. He owned condos on both sides of the Atlantic and a private jet to get him back and forth. But by 30 he was in a penitentiary somewhere in Eastern Europe – where he would remain for 15 years. In 2009, After a failed political career and many trips to Betty Ford clinics, Rossi returned to the spotlight with “Gutterballs: The Original Motion Picture Score”. The highly original disco-rock sound captivated the world – though Rossi soon found himself back in rehab. But now he’s back again, working once more with director Ryan Nicholson on his latest slasher film “Star Vehicle”. “Star Vehicle: The Original Motion Picture Score” is classic Rossi, seamlessly blending cinematic electro-disco and rock in ways never before imagined.

Pick this release up now on Permanent Vacation.

Special thanks to Alejandro “Alex” Sosa for giving us the tip on Mr. Rossi. He forwarded us the aforementioned information after the two of them recently sat down for lunch at Sosa’s estate in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Once Gianni Rossi found out that Sosa’s drug empire stretches across the Andes, he had his associates contact Sosa to conduct business. For the last 10 years Gianni Rossi has been selling leisure suits and cashmere sweaters to Sosa. He also performed at Sosa’s wedding and both children’s birthday parties.

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