In 1985,weather you were a graduate, dropout or just a degenerate party animal at Georgetown University, the only spot needed to release those inner-becoming-an-adult-anxieties was at St. Elmo’s Bar. Especially a hot spot in the winter months, St. Elmo’s was also the primary destination if you wanted to catch the tough-as-nails new act Billy Hixx & The New Breed. Like many of us who leave college and feel lost in the working world, frat-boy Billy Hicks is unable to keep a steady job but has the ability to release his inner-demons through the saxophone. Billy also faces problems with his marriage and has a hard time giving up his “ladies man” persona.

Billy Hixx’s saxophone-fused rock is exactly what this crowd needs to let loose and become children of the night. His sweaty style of saxophone is packed with attitude and a war cry of freedom. While St. Elmo’s Fire is an easy movie to track down, the song Billy is playing in the clip is exceedingly rare. It was originally a b-side on the John Parr ‘Man in Motion’ single and remains to this day as one of the best things to filter out of the movie. David Foster, who wrote the majority of the music from the film, wrote and performed the song in the studio. Stream + download the track below but prepare to drown in a sea of sweaty sax.

5 Comments on “BILLY HIXX & THE NEW BREED.”

  1. man ive been looking for this track! its my fav scene of my fav movie!! when billie walks out of wendys house and everything fades white into an awesome halloween party

  2. Oh man. I've been looking for that song so hard, thanks for uploading it.
    One of my favorite movies scenes ever, no doubt about it.

  3. Excellent number that's not on the album but should have been! Luckily it was on the B side of the “Man in Motion” 45. I played the hell out of it. Damn – brings back memories of the Crazy Horse pub in GTown back in '85! I was DJ at Hogates on the SW waterfront at the time; totally out of hand! Awesome download.

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