So I may or may not live on the same street as famed horror writer R.L. Stine, or at least that’s where my imagination goes every time I pass this gated home with decaying cartoon characters that roam the property. It feels straight out of a paperback that I would have picked up in elementary school at the Scholastic Book Fair, where rotting yard statues come to life when the clock strikes midnight to peek through your bedroom windows.

Amidst the rolling hills, large pine trees, long driveway and wrought iron gates of this beautiful home are dozens of animated TV show/movie character statues made of resin and wood.

When they first appeared in the early 1990’s, the statues were a vibrant, welcome addition to the neighborhood. Parents would walk their kids up to the yard and peek through the gates in awe at the entertaining display. It became a known attraction in this little town. I know because I grew up not far from the house.


Over the decades the statues have succumbed to the elements and this is what exists today. They haven’t been tended to or restored, rather left to die in the weeds! The rot and withering has made the property into somewhat of a fascinating display of decay.

Some characters are worse-off than others. Some are so decrepit that it adds a layer of eeriness and becomes unintentionally spooky.

Big Bird fallen on hard times.

Information about the property is a bit scarce but I’m hoping to personally solve all mysteries very soon. Allegedly the owner had the statues constructed for his wife 30+ years ago.

Last but not least, at the end of the 3 acre estate sits a little red cabin, smothered in vines with a sign hanging on the outside that says “welcome cabin”…

I fully expected R.L. Stine or one of those grumpy writers who holes themselves up in their house for a year and doesn’t talk to anyone to come stumbling down the driveway shaking their cane at me.


  1. Those pictures literally form the plot of an ’80s paperback horror novel. All that’s missing are the character names…

  2. The disciples are gonna need a big follow up on this one. If it’s not RL… is it a woman?
    If she’s under 102 years young, she probably has carnal needs, and I will be the young stud to deliver (pending contract giving me legal access to the property).
    Yes, I will blast Dokken on weeknights, music that she found too new and shocking, even when they first came out.
    Yes, I will scour all medicine cabinets and basement storage. There has to be Quaaluudes, and/or Valium.
    Yes, I will open up the property for Camp TNUC sponsored parties. Sleazy music and sudsy beer abound.
    Nobody’s perfect, but if this potential babe in hiding can be wooed by one of the boys – her magical property penetrated – then every TNUC disciple from Gardena to Gloucester will get to party in this spooky saucy paradise.
    Please tell me the owner is a hot babe
    Please tell me the owner is a hot babe
    Please tell me the owner is a hot babe

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