I’ve been really getting into Charles Bronson movies lately and it’s all thanks to Pops TNUC a.k.a. the artist formerly known as my dad.

Pops T absolutely WORSHIPS Charles Bronson, and many weekends you’ll find him watching the same Bronson movies over and over. His all time favorite is Hard Times but I think he enjoys just about any time Chucky B graces the silver screen. From classic American westerns like Once Upon A Time In The West to a 1983 sleaze-fest like 10 to Midnight, the man celebrates his entire catalogue.

If you haven’t seen this action-thriller juggernaut released by CANNON FILMS, please stop whatever it is that you’re doing and see it (pronto!). 10 to Midnight is the story of a psychopathic killer who stalks and murders women in the city and does so while being fully naked. Yes, without spoiling the fun, the killer commits his murders in the nude as to not leave any evidence at the crime scenes.

The salty-as-hell, tough-as-nails, slightly-burnt-out-but-smart-as-a-whip detective Leo Kessler is played perfectly by the stone-faced Bronson, who is hunting the killer with a little help from his rookie partner.

Beautiful girls, amazing one-liners from Bronson, sleazy shots of Los Angeles and a ripping soundtrack make 10 to Midnight a pure gem of the genre. Speaking of the genre, it always feels that for some reason thrillers like this don’t get the attention or nostalgic groundswell that other movies from the decade receive. In some cases, people seem to be falling over themselves digging up trashy 1980s horror (and not the fun kind) but there are a number of Charles Bronson movies I can rattle off right now that you never hear referenced.

Bronson holding a sexual device inside the interrogation room.

Bronson is a treasure. Somewhat of an underrated action guru even though he’s been in a few of the biggest films of all time. What he “lacks” in karate-chopping, flipping and fancy-dancey bullshit he makes up for with his gun, his hair and that FACE of pure destruction.

Now onto the soundtrack. Composed by musician Robert O. Ragland, this hard-driving score features pulsating synths and guitar licks throughout. The clear highlight is “Look At Me”, the only track to include vocals as well as lyrics that reflect the killer’s narcissistic qualities. It’s a ripper of a song and would also fit nicely playing inside the Babylon Club in Scarface.

Look At Me (Vocals by Bruce Scott) download
Look At Me (instrumental) download
Buy ’10 TO MIDNIGHT’ Soundtrack Here

2 Comments on “10 TO MIDNIGHT.”

  1. Some years ago, I went to the Alamo Drafthouse and saw this completely blind, and with a pretty full crowd. I absolutely LOVED it. And yes, the soundtrack is boss too.

  2. Watched that movie for the first time about ten years ago.
    Totally loved it. Definitely one of the best B movies from the 80s.
    I always wondered why it wasn’t featured on Uncle TNUC all these years. It seems like such an obvious fit.

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