One of the most powerful, natural highs is discovering music that you instantly connect with. Everyone knows this. But how about an added exhilaration that takes it even further? I’m talking about when after the music hits, next you discover the visuals, attitude and overall aesthetic which just catapults everything into the stratosphere.

Cobra Man are a band currently supporting that rare feeling for me. The “Los Angeles Power Disco” outlet have been kicking around for a few years but are consistently getting stronger and arising to greatness and sweaty plateaus overlooking city skylines.

The band’s latest EP, “New Paradise” released last Friday is all the proof you need. Five tracks custom made for circling around the roller-rink with a Michelob and your sequence KISS satin jacket. These are songs to dance your ass off, bang your head, go after your dream girl or do doughnuts around the Target parking lot in your uncle’s ’86 Oldsmobile Cutlass.

OK, start cranking this shit to the high heavens.

Leading up to the release of “New Paradise”, the band have two full length albums and a string of singles which are without a doubt essential listening. However on the latest EP I feel the sound has crystallized by the heavy, slap-to-the-face production value. A thickness that these songs deserve. It feels grimy enough for a sweaty club with people swinging from chain-link fencing yet massive enough for an arena sized lightshow.

Cobra Man is the brainchild of Andy Harry and Sarah Rayne. I’m not going to pretend like I know the precise history of this project, but I know they’re tightknit with the Thrasher Magazine outfit Worble, providing the soundtrack to a series of skateboarding videos that are available on YouTube to watch. *highly recommended even if you don’t skate*.

Not Andy and Sarah but typical Cobra Man fans

The music combines so many different styles and old charm but make no mistake, Cobra Man are uniquely powering into new territory. This is the first exciting “new sound” I’ve heard in quite a while. From an influential standpoint I would guess they are tapping into disco-era KISS, elements of punk rock, Giorgio Moroder and Cheap Trick. However on a song like Bad Feeling I can’t put my finger on a single damn influence.

This was the first song of theirs that hooked its claws into me with those crusty riffs and hypnotizing vocals. Like that pile of white lightning in my Uncle Dean’s basement back in ’81, I was in for a doozy of a time.

I can’t wait to blast these songs when I’m circling around the roller-rink this weekend. Just me and my closest delinquents blowing off some steam before we hit the streets for one of those nights. You know, the usual. Satin jackets, switchblades, handful of grease, length of chain, spiked ball, wooden bat, 5th of Jack just to take the edge off and probably some frozen burritos. Party on.

Buy Cobra Man music/merch and see them on tour!

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