I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a thousand more times. One of the great marriages in pop culture history is the sacred vow of heavy metal and horror. Whether it’s Dokken’s “Dream Warriors” or Alice Cooper’s “He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)”, the two worlds pairing together works insanely well and rules so goddamn hard.

So back in 1988 when genre hellions W.A.S.P. were invited to participate in the soundtrack to Ghoulies II with the track “Scream Until You Like It”, all was right with the world and the universe was on our side. It simply does not get any better than watching Blackie Lawless and the boys headbang with a pack of pint-sized monsters in the music video.

The Ghoulie puppets were made by legendary special effects master John Carl Buechler (R.I.P.). I’ve always heard this rumor swirling around about how Blackie allegedly got to keep one of the puppets after making the music video. However with Blackie being a fairly elusive figure over the years, this has only been myth and unconfirmed. What’s even more frustrating though, is from the few interviews he’s done, NO ONE has asked him about the whereabouts of his little Ghoulie friend, which boggles my mind.

With W.A.S.P. currently touring the US in 2022/2023 for the first time in over a decade, ravenous fans have been showing up in droves to the shows. All of this is fantastic to report, but here’s where things get mighty interesting. Blackie is doing meet and greets after the show and guess what recently happened?

At the Nashville, TN tour date, one noble dude actually stood in line with one of the Ghoulies to have signed by Blackie!

“Reunited, and it feels so good. Reunited ’cause we understood”

CHERISH THESE SPECIAL MOMENTS. But seriously, this is so cool and Blackie seems to have a really good attitude about the whole thing. I mean, of course he does. If part of my legacy as a musician involved a moment rocking out with little demonic killer puppets, I would be one happy son of a bitch as well.

Thanks to W.A.S.P. fans Liya Tova for letting TNUC use the photos and Ty Cole for creating this moment.

If someone’s looking for any last minute Christmas gift ideas for your #1 Uncle (TNUC), these tremendous Ghoulie puppets are now available from Trick or Treat Studios. For everything I do!?

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