The hardest part about parting ways with another Halloween season isn’t putting away the spooky decorations, tossing out the rotting pumpkins or balling up the cobwebs from the bushes in the yard. The painful thing to me is just how abrupt the end is. After all, from mid-September all the way to October 31st, it’s 125 mph and a total-nonstop-onslaught of Halloween the…entire…fucking…time. So when that final day arrives and things come to a screeching halt, it hits you like a sack of frozen turkeys.

But a little voice inside my head says “stop being a wuss” and it’s true. Halloween is special in that it happens once a year. Can’t stay too late at the party.

I’m thrilled with the response from this year’s mixtape “Night Beast 5: The Beast Child”. Thank you for listening and thank you even more for sharing the mix and spreading the word. I figured now would be the perfect time to share a song that didn’t make it on NB5 but still rules and should be cherished around the land of TNUC. Let’s call it a B(east)-Side!

“It Just Keeps On Coming” by David Palmer comes from the soundtrack to a little known movie called The Night Stalker from 1986. The film stars Robert Z’Dar, the guy with the giant face from Maniac Cop, among other films. I haven’t watched it yet but the plot revolves around a killer of the night stalking prostitutes, which the ideal storyline when I look for a film to enjoy with my family.

The song is beautifully haunting and I can see why it would be useful in a movie of this caliber. It conjures that perfect essence of a shadowy figure stalking the streets in the heart of the city. The night belongs to the girls…everyone is watching them…but someone is waiting for them.

The name of the singer, David Palmer, should ring a bell as he is the artist who granted us the mighty masterpiece “Silhouette” from 1985’s Teen Wolf. The song plays during the house party scene which features the ultimate party move…bowl of Jell-O down a girl’s shirt!

1 Comments on “B(EAST)-SIDE.”

  1. Badass as always, Unc. Can always count on you to introduce me to a new kickass song that I’ve never heard before, or one I already knew that I always felt is underappreciated. I may have to check out more of that guy’s stuff. Thanks again!!

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