The world needs to be talking more about Donny Benet. After all, he’s the smoothest man in music today and his disco-lounge compositions are goddamned exceptional. In a music scene filled with people trying to emulate a sound of the past, Donny glimmers and grooves high above the rest. He carries an air of authenticity that is so rare when comparing with most of his genre contemporaries.

Uncle Don keeps things light and humorous but there’s a genuine layer to what he does and it’s this very thing that sets him apart. Plus, his silky basslines are the sultriest I’ve heard in decades…

personal favorite track/video of mine

Now let’s talk about the look. The head of hair on this iconic human being is something not many could ever dream of pulling off. Donny seems to do it with effortless ease. When I first watched the above music video, I almost fell out of my seat. Was this guy cryogenically frozen in 1983 and thawed out thirty years later? Not only does he posses the look, but he’s got the energy and songs to back it up. We are almost not worthy,

I had the pleasure of catching one of his live shows last weekend during the start of his US tour. He didn’t bring his backing band so you could say it was more of an intimate evening with The Don. Just him wearing a brown leisure suit and a synth thingy he had plugged in, crooning to the crowd for 90 minutes. The audience erupted in a dance frenzy from start to finish.

While Donny’s had great success in his native land of Australia as well as in Europe, he still isn’t on everyone’s radar like he should be. Hell, I just found out about him about a year ago from my good friend Mike Ballermann.

I cannot recommend highly enough picking up his last two albums The Don (2018) and Mr. Experience (2020). Then watch ALL his music videos. If you don’t admire Donny Benet after that, I simply cannot connect with you on any emotional, intellectual, spiritual or mental level. Goodbye.

Lyrically Donny tackles all the appropriate subjects. Passion, romance, seduction, exotic destinations, food.

— 2022 US & CANADA DATES —

10 Mar Turf Club, Minneapolis, MN

11 Mar Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL

12 Mar Globe Hall, Denver, CO

13 Mar Larimer Lounge, Denver, CO

15 Mar Echoplex, Los Angeles, CA

16 Mar Independent, San Francisco, CA

18 Mar Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR

19 Mar The Crocodile, Seattle, WA

20 Mar Imperial, Vancouver, BC

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