No, you’re not dreaming. THE COORS LIGHT BEER WOLF IS BACK. Just typing or commanding that sentence out loud sends shivers down my spine and over towards my crotchal region.

A company called The Laundry Room and the good people at Coors Light Headquarters recently teamed up for a howlin’ hot endeavor to awaken our hairy hunk of burning love from his mighty slumber and plaster his face all over t-shirts, jackets, bandanas, crop-tops, hats, spandex white shorts and more! They’ve collectively catapulted Beer Wolf right back into the spectrum. AHROOoo!!

Recognize that furry head? That’s Uncle TNUC’s pride and glory Beer Wolf mascot head that I let the ‘fellas from The Laundry Room borrow! A couple months ago they held a top secret photoshoot in the mountains of Yosemite National Park and Beer Wolf’s giant squash made a special appearance.

Of course I had my trepidations since the mascot head is so precious to me and such a rare artifact. Initially one of the plans presented to me was the company flying me out to the shoot and personally guarding the furry bastard with my life, but instead I shipped him out safely and he was handled with the utmost care.

This whole experience was very surreal given that our little community of Beer Wolf supporters and admirers have just been going about our business, while collecting vintage gems and hoping he’d return one day. I really hope this clothing collection motivates Coors Light to keep the momentum going and maybe Beer Wolf will start re-appearing in commercials, liquor stores and (fingers crossed) reunited with ELVIRA!

Take a look at this nifty historical timeline of Beer Wolf, specifically “1993 – 2020 Rare Vintage Sightings”. Let’s not gloss over that essential time period. If it wasn’t for Beer Wolf disciples like the ones reading this very article, I don’t think this promotional launch would have been possible. It’s because of efforts like our #BeerWolfWednesday hashtag on the social media fronts that raised awareness of the mighty BW and spread the word after a nasty hibernation put him on the endangered species list and (gulp), almost made him extinct.

Let’s be honest, Beer Wolf isn’t a household name like Joe Camel, The Kool-Aid Man or his rival, Bud Light’s Spuds MacKenzie. Mr. Spuds gained a ton of popularity in his day and the merchandise items never really went away. Go wander into 90% of antique and vintage shops and you’ll be hard pressed not to find a Spud’s shirt or token to this day. Beer Wolf on the other hand is far more elusive and less of a common mascot, which makes him so much fucking cooler. Plus, he drinks more beer and pulls more babes.

My point in all of this isn’t to compare the two beer-guzzling canines. It’s just a realization that without people sharing these “rare vintage sightings” and making more people aware of this radical bastard, who knows if the people at Coors Light would have shut the door on him forever.

Check out the full line at the link below and tell ’em TNUC sent ya. AHROOoo!!

The Laundry Room X Coors Light™ feat. Beer Wolf™ SHOP NOW!

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