Ah…smell that? The sweet aroma of the ocean, fried dough and corndogs…all mixed with a whiff of blood. We must be back in Santa Carla!

It’s really just me longing for those hot summer nights on the boardwalk. Chasing girls, free concerts, concession food, random burning barrels, games, airbrushed shirts, cheap piercings, getting frisky under the lifeguard tower, volleyball, dirtbikes on the beach.

But the best part? The sense of danger that reverberated in the air. It’s hard to explain unless you were there to live it, but you could feel it in your veins, and it was a goddamn thrill. The boardwalk had no rules. The only authority figures were a couple of portly security guards that my grandmother could probably outrun with her walker.

But as most of you know, as the midnight hour approached, the boardwalk took on a second life. That hint of danger became downright menacing. Kids started to vanish. First it was just the runaways and street rats, then it became just about anyone who let their guard down.

Uncle T found these long-lost ‘MISSING’ flyers preserved in an old treasure chest in Grandmother TNUC’s basement, so I decided to plaster the remaining copies at a few nearby beach towns.

Download all flyers here (PDF)

A song began to echo in my brain and no, it actually wasn’t anything off The Lost Boys soundtrack. It’s a song called “Where Are They Now” from the AOR band Strangeways. The album is heralded by many as one the great AOR records of all time. Turn this way up, disciples…

Listen to the song as you browse the flyers of the missing boys. If it doesn’t evoke chills and emotions, seek medical attention. The songs on Strangeways’ 1989 album “Walk In The Fire” sound like tunes from an amazing soundtrack to a movie that was lost and never saw the light of day. It’s that go-for-the-glory, slow motion montage, making out at the top of the ferris wheel music.

As indicated on the album’s artwork, this is the musical equivalent to the sun setting on a dusty desert highway while you roam the badlands in your DeTomaso Pantera.

Goddamn, I seriously love this shit so much. Crank this album all summer long with a woman to cherish the night with. Listen on Spotify or however you do it on your computers, then smarten up and buy a physical copy of this album where records are sold.


First, download all the ‘MISSING’ Lost Boys flyers here! Your summer assignment from Counselor TNUC is to print these things and plaster them wherever you please, then tag @UncleTNUC or #MissingLostBoys on the social stuff and you might win something juicy!

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