Douglas Quaid had the wrong dream. Instead of falling victim to the seductive powers of Rekall Inc., where he would end up fighting for his life, all he needed to do was go back in time to a Toyota dealership.

In 1991, Toyota weren’t just selling cars, they were selling action-packed implanted memories! See for yourself in this commercial.

Awfully similar to 1990’s Total Recall, this adventure starts with a clean cut man in great shape and with a perfect haircut. Then, one of Toyota Laboratories’ sultry scientists sends him away on a dreamscape of rock climbing, jet flying and kayaking through wild rapids. He travels from place to place in his vehicle preference, “a Toyota 4×4…the black one”.

Car commercials like this one are the number one reason why I mute the television or fast forward through every car commercial these days. Call this blatant rip-off of a successful science fiction film “cheesy” or over the top, but it’s also just flat out fun. Don’t even get me started on the McDonald’s and Pizza Hut commercials with heavy storylines. I’ve cried.

Don’t upset mutant baby Kuato. 

Big thanks to Nick A. for supplying TNUC with the keys to this commercial. Go follow him on Instagram @yankeecurator for more vintage commercial gold!

3 Comments on “TOYOTAL RECALL.”

  1. How you dig up all of this 80’s/early 90’s amazes me, brotha. I love going through the archives and reading all of the articles and posts. You should be WAY more popular than you are, man. Now, it’s time to pop a ‘lude (panty droppers, leg spreaders, 714’s) and crack open Miller High Life.

    • Thanks CNW, it ain’t easy these days with all the garbage all over the Internet. For a while there I really tried to promote TNUC as best as I could to get this thing to a wider audience. But to be honest, I don’t have the time. I love writing and discovering all this nonsense so I’ll keep writing and doing it until I drop.

  2. Keep em coming, Yankee Curator, what a find, lots to dig. All that internet garbage, we’re here for it!

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