Isn’t it a tad early for Uncle T to be cooking his famous sausages?

It probably is, but since there’s reason to celebrate he’s in the kitchen right now making a bloody mess. You see, TNUC is over the moon this week because our good friend ‘Heath So Spooky’ just put together the ULTIMATE Halloween TV compilation, free for our viewing pleasures and nightmares. The monstrous collection contains 46 different television shows and their corresponding Halloween specials, all neatly packaged in a torrent and free to download!

What’s a torrent? For those of us still living in 1991, a torrent is a computer file that contains data with files and folders, and a list of locations and trackers, which helps participants locate each other in the system and share the download. Trust me, with such an enormous collection like this, it’s the way to go. All you’ll need first is BitTorrent, then simply click on the photo of “Carlsbad” below to download the Nostalgic Halloween Episodes Collection!


Movies seem to get all the attention during the Halloween season while television seems to get lost in the shuffle. Especially the ancient shows that aren’t in rotation any longer. Thankfully a spooky soul like Heath went through the trouble of gathering the classics from such shows as Alf, Brady Bunch, Boy Meets World, Charlie Brown, Cheers, Family Matters, Facts of Life, Full House, Garfield, Home Improvement, Jem and the Holograms, Married With Children, Murder She Wrote, Roseanne, Salute Your Shorts, Saved By The Bell, Step By Step, The Facts of Life, The Secret Life of Alex Mack, The Simpsons, Unsolved Mysteries and so many others. Hours and hours of entertainment.

On a related note, for the past seven years Heath has been releasing Halloween mixtapes, or I should say Bojo has been releasing Halloween mixtapes that have soundtracked my Octobers annually. Bojo’s mixtapes combine soundtrack rarities, 60’s/70’s oldies, classic gems, goth rock and the occasional brain melter. The thing I love about these mixtapes is that they always leave me wanting to dig around and discover more from the artists. Bojo has a knack for unearthing songs you may have never heard but will soon cherish.



  1. Ever since October 1st, when the neighbours started complaining for the audio savagery of TNUC Halloween Mixtapes, I’ve been dreaming for a visual companion. My dream is to have that 3D TV 3 hour Halloween Spectacular featured on Spook-A-Rama, but I might need to make a pact with Satan himself to get a copy of that. Let us proceed to name Heath So Spooky Disciple of the year for bringing the best of Unsolved Mysteries GHOSTS and even Doggie Bowser back from the Undead!

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