It isn’t everyday you get to discover a great song with the simultaneous pairing of an OUTSTANDING music video. It happened this week when a generous TNUC disciple sent me Sharon O’Neill’s heartbreaking hooker ballad ‘Maxine’. I barely can conjure up words to continue. I just need to keep watching this music video. Enjoy…

New Zealand singer-songwriter Sharon O’Neill delivers what should have been the global monster pop ballad sensation of 1983. Sultry beat, sweaty saxophone, heavy subject matter done the best way and an insanely infectious hook.

“Maxine, Case 1352
A red and green tattoo 
Eyes cold steel blue” 

Rarely do song lyrics immediately grab me but it’s hard not to really feel something with this hot number. Pair that with the graphic music video showing prostitute life on the streets and the tragic demise of a troubled teen and Uncle T is completely dialed in.

I love that the story and video feels like a 4 minute Miami Vice episode or one of the show’s many epic montages. If only Crockett and Tubbs would’ve been there to land a swift kick wearing slip-on loafers to one of those vicious thugs’ faces before they got to poor Maxine.

This live video is also highly recommended. Even though nothing will top what she achieved with the music video, Sharon and her band deliver a performance that will make you want to reach for a cigarette and gaze out at the city skyline.

Streetwalkin’ is tough business. I’d like to dedicate this post to any lady TNUC disciples who’ve had to partake in the midnight hustle in order to stay alive.

Sharon O’Neill is now my current dreambabe. She is definitely making TNUC’s Vixen Of The Month countdown real soon.

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