They came back from the grave to rock and rave and misbehave! That’s right, our demonic buds Carpenter Brut are back with a brand new video. Please indulge.

This video has it all. Fast cars, heavy metal barbarians, damsels in distress, hard rock zombies! This is the video TNUC wishes he made. It has more heavy metal power + spirit than most actual heavy metal bands can even pull off these days. Since Carpenter Brut first arrived on the scene, they’ve been tipping their cap to golden era heavy metal bands and in turn have filtered the power of this classic music to pump their dark dance music with something ferocious.

I’m man enough to admit it, I was a little skeptical when it was made clear the group were include so many vocals and a more “live” band approach on their newest album Leather Teeth. My initial thought was why mess with a good thing? Well, this song and now music video blew the roof off the TNUC lair and silenced those feelings. The ‘Brut just keep getting better and better.

Be sure to catch Carpenter Brut on tour when they plow through your fair city.

3 Comments on “BEWARE THE BEAST.”

  1. Hands down, one of the greatest music videos ever put together. From Black Roses to Shock Em Dead to Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare. This video has it all. I hope the ‘Brut keep writing songs in this style.

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