Welcome to Castle TNUC’s Saturday Night Special! Tonight we’re putting the boob in boob tube by watching the pilot episode of our Halloween queen’s failed TV show for CBS, The Elvira Show. 

Elvira shines on a level right on par with her 1988 motion picture debut Mistress of the Dark with that quick wit and saucy delivery. Apparently plans for the show to air in 1993 were squashed after executives watched the pilot and thought it was too raunchy for CBS. It’s a bummer because the show presents itself as a worthy continuation of her big hit movie and who in their right mind would complain about that?

Just a few years later “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” AKA a family-friendly version of The Elvira Show would air on a different network. Even though “Sabrina” derived from a comic book, the similarities were obvious. Talking black cat, aunts who are witches, the teenage niece….

Enough rambling. Watch and enjoy.


  1. I freaking love, Elvira! Mistress of the Dark doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Such a great classic movie. Elvira and her boobs will always have a home here at the TNUC Lair. I would love to go see her live action Halloween show.

  2. oh how different the world would be if this had gone to series. Heathens and hypocrites would have been crushed by Elvira’s mighty boobs and Halloween would be a 65 day event offering liars and fools for ritual sacrifice to bring Uncle T to power and rule from the Velvet Black House hand by hand with his Thirst Lady Elvira!

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