To this day I can’t drive by a “gentlemen’s club” and not think of the undisputed, undefeated heavyweight champion of strip club anthems. If those familiar neon lights, or curvy writing spelling out sultry sayings immediately don’t make you start humming Mötley Crüe’s ‘Girls Girls Girls’, we simply grew up with different interests.

For a young, aspiring Manimal like Uncle TNUC, the band’s portrayal of an exotic dancing nightspot was somewhere I definitely wanted to be. Smokey, dimly lit clubs with ladies thrusting around to chugging guitars. No windows. A dangerous scent mixture of menthol, Kmart perfume and sweat. Leather! Lace! Long Butts!

The music video depicts that ideal atmosphere and what you really want when you step inside one of these places: women and good tunes. Simple as that. Absolutely NOT a bunch of lonely men being hustled while some atrocious R&B music plays over the PA. So if the last time you entered a strip joint wasn’t everything you dreamed it would be — forgetting the part when you learned that the 6’5″ Samoan dancer with the buff thighs named Maurice was actually a man — it’s time you revisited the undeniable ruler of stripper war cries and our Local-Hot-Spot-Of-The-Month for August, Mötley Crüe’s ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’!

The first time TNUC rode down Sunset Blvd in a stretch convertible limo with a built-in Jacuzzi, our plan was to hit the three Los Angeles based booby traps Vince Neil references in the song’s lyrics – The Body Shop, Seventh Veil and The Tropicana. Following our visit to these notorious Southern Californian clam shacks, we wondered what was happening with the remaining four clubs he mentions in the song… 

dollhouse1) Thee Dollhouse | Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

Everyone knows the state of Florida is the MECCA of sultry establishments. From Daytona Beach to Miami, the warm climate and popular spring break destination has generated a record number of businesses offering dreamy desires and midnight heat. Thee Dollhouse was one of the most frequented chains in the sunshine state, operating in both Tampa and Orlando. Currently the Tampa location is open and also a club in Myrtle Beach.

tattle2) Tattletale | Atlanta, GA

Don’t let the subtle daytime appearance of Atlanta’s Tattletale Lounge fool you, this place has the word sleazy smeared all up inside it (among other things). Word on the street is that every night at midnight the ladies all do a dance to ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ and give you a t-shirt if you purchase two lap dances. Tattletale have been riding the publicity of their club being mentioned in the hit song for almost three decades, and they probably don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Motley-Crue-Girls-Girls-Girls-video-screen-shot-13) The Seventh Veil | Hollywood, CA

Truly an infamous adult entertainment landmark of America, The Seventh Veil is the steamiest club on this list due to the actual music video being filmed there. If you’re planning on visiting LA and embarking on a rock n’ roll debauchery tour, this place should be high up on the list. It’s prime location on Sunset Blvd and 24/hr blinking neon lights are very hard to miss, even if you’re flying down the street on a Harley Davidson, nonstop shade tippin’ and eyebrow raisin’.

557775-000_par15867814) Crazy Horse | Paris, FR 

Crazy Horse is a nude cabaret show in Paris which doesn’t share many of the deadbeat qualities of the other clubs on this list. The legendary French club has been around since the 1950’s and features nude dancing, magic, mimes and even juggling acts (think Rusty Griswold meeting his exotic dancer girlfriend in European Vacation).

nashville-area-strip-club-turned-to-church5) Body Shop | West Hollywood, CA

As prolific historian/seasoned FBI agent Angelo Pappas would say, “LA has changed a lot…the air got dirty and the sex got clean”. Stiff California laws prohibit The Body Shop from selling alcohol because the girls here dance full nude. It’s a real kick to the crotch, but as long as you have a driver sitting idle outside the club with a trunk full of Löwenbräu and ‘ludes, frequent trips outside will be necessary for a red-hot evening. Located directly on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood and still very much in operation (even after the place burned down a few years ago).

large6) Marble Arch | Vancouver, BC

For some reason I always figured Marble Arch was a cocaine reference, but it’s actually a once-functioning stripper haven in Canada. Whenever the Crüe’s touring cycle had them playing in Vancouver, the boys were sure to stop by this seedy establishment to engage in full frontal nastiness and all the “Krell” they could enjoy. [No photo of Marble Arch available].

STRIPES, John Candy, 1981

7) The Hollywood Tropicana | Los Angeles, CA

You’re out at the bar again with some friends. A lame sports event plays on the TV monitors that no one’s paying attention to. After drinking a few of the same old domestic drafts while a cheese-dick music selection plays in the background, you consider calling it a night.

WORST TNUC TALE, I KNOW (sorry). Now close your eyes and imagine your body drifting to a land where the mud and oil flows like honey over hardbodied foxes who duel it out in a wrestling ring. For roughly 10 years that dream was a reality at The Hollywood Tropicana. For those seeking an outrageous evening and something a little different from the norm, this local landmark was the place to be.

Of course the Crüe were regulars, most notably Vince Neil who met mud wrestler Sharise and ended up marrying her in 1987. They split up in ’93. For a complete history of The Tropicana, definitely check out TNUC’s ‘Mud Wrestling Madness’ feature from 2015 at this location!

shariseKnight and shining armor Vince Neil carrying his bride-to-be out of the Seventh Veil in the music video. 

[Local-Hot-Spot-Of-The-Month is a adrenaline-thrusting history lesson and celebration of signature hangout spots one might recognize from television, film or real life. Our objective is to not just rediscover and dissect these places, but more importantly create a feeling like you’re really there. Take your time with these entries. Hang out. Turn some music on.
To visit the rest of ’em, go here.]


  1. Might be your best post ever. “I’ll tell you what girl, dance for me. I’ll keep you over employed” The Crue were brilliant song writers and this is my favorite Crue album. Well done TNUC

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