tnuc burger paradise

Leave it to a wise-cracking, America-loving neanderthal like Uncle TNUC to declare that this weekend we’ll be hosting and hoisting the almighty hamburger as the #1 symbol to celebrate our nation’s big birthday.

It prompted a mandatory screening of 1986’s Hamburger: The Motion Picture, a movie that should be on everyone’s must-watch list this time of year after the required viewing during the winter months of the film’s kid brother, Hot Dog: The Movie. Both of course are directed by Mike Marvin, the same guy who did The Wraith.

hamburger vhs

Hamburger is the story of Russell Proscope, who’s “beef” is that he gets kicked out of every university he attends from getting too frisky with virtually every set of toasty female buns that come into his path. If he doesn’t earn a diploma soon, that promised trust fund from his family will be out of the question. The only prep school that will take him is Buster Burger University – where they educate the fine youth of America on how to manage a Buster Burger franchise. The BBU campus is filled with no shortage of sleazy coeds, lewd hijinks and weekend pool parties – plus a paranoid drill sergeant *played by Dick Butkus of the Chicago Bears*. All our young scholar needs to do to achieve that prestigious Buster Burger diploma is to stay out of trouble and keep the girls off his manmeat.

One of my favorite qualities of Hamburger is the plethora of sunglass-tippin’, high-fivin’, leg-slappin’ music featured throughout the movie. Nothing will stick in your head for YEARS to come than the intro montage music, which TNUC has the proud privilege of sharing today. Listen/Eat/Dance/Repeat!

I don’t know about you, but this juicy dance number makes me awfully hungry, so it’s definitely time to crush a meaty burg’. Whichever sleazy hamburger joint you plan on invading this weekend – Buster Burger, Whammy Burger, Big Kay’s, The Max, The Peach Pit, Honker Burger, Clown Dog or All American Burger – just remember to queue up this song before you head out the door.


hulk flag

But wait…don’t rest for a second this 4th of July without revisiting BIG MIKE’S ALL-AMERICAN MEGA-MOTIVATION MIXTAPE from last year! It will turn that mush into muscle and send you soaring high with the proudest eagles in the sky.

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