midnight vampires

Even though yesterday was the first day of summer and the original plan was to have this year’s “TNUC Wet Hot Summer Anthems” list ready to go, I think we’ll take a rain check on that due to the following song swooping into the TNUC spectrum and legitimately stopping me right in my tassel loafers w/ no socks.

Plus, it’s 100 degrees right now in Los Angeles and we don’t need any reminders about how toasty the weather is. Instead let’s cool off under the midnight rain…

She stepped out of the ominous looking, slicked, black car onto the wet asphalt. Her thigh-high nylons glistened under the streetlight. The look on her face made it seem like she’d just seen a ghastly spectacle until she looked up and cried out “SAX, PLEASE?” The Midnight answered. 

trench noir walk

I’m admittedly a sucker for saxophone, but not every sax-riff clobbers me over the head like the sultriness spread over this song by Los Angeles synth duo The Midnight. Hopefully it generates a few tingling sensations for you and a loved one as you enjoy a chilly 6-pack of Zimas tonight.


Since the title of the track is Vampires and it involves thick layers of unforgiving saxophone, we figure the spirit of boardwalk brute Tim Cappello was a deep motivator here. All kidding aside, songs like these have so many rich “moments” that produce different feelings in all of us, whether it’s exhilaration, dreams, nostalgia, fantasies or a quick escape behind the wheel of your Lamborghini Jalpa for a self-reflecting night ride montage. Maximum respect to the artists who bring out these feelings in all of us.

The Midnight’s new album ‘Endless Summer’ is poised to strike any day now, so keep your eyes and ears locked on the group’s Soundcloud page.

vamp babe of power

7 Comments on “MIDNIGHT SAX.”

  1. Glad you liked the recommendation Uncle T! We both are suckers for the sweet sultry sounds of the sax. Great write up about The Midnight. Can’t wait for Endless Summer.

  2. Marrkkoo in da housseeee

    Damn Uncle T, you did it again with this track man; I honestly would have never stumbled upon it. I almost shed a tear at 0:08 until I hear footsteps coming down into the basement and had to quickly lose that nostalgic feeling before I was caught in a vulnerable position. But the goosebumps still linger…

    I feel the sax and beats go right through me man, through my soul. At 3:45 it feels the the intro song to a new 80’s detective show on steroids. I can just see it now; camera lowering towards the police car with Uncle Tnuc popping his head out from the window. Little Suzzy walking by and giving Tnuc the serious face, poses for the camera and takes off her sunglasses while Marko is opening the doors to the court house and welcoming everyone in. Bad ass saxophone in this song. Can’t wait to blast it in my car while going for my next Dairy Queen call.

    Midnight Sax!
    Questions? No.

    • Haha, fuck yeah DGS! Glad you liked it as much as me and UNCLE T. I’ve been listening to The Midnight for some time now. Every song they write is an instant hit. Even their videos on YT are nostalgic and capture the song perfectly.

      Don’t mess with the power of the Sax!

      • LOL! Marko man, this track is golden so nice find! Give me your soundcloud name, need to start following you also and see what else I’m not exposed to yet! I’m following Uncle Tnuc and never miss a track he posts, it’s sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  3. yet another solid venture into the glistening wet asphalt roads of fantasyLA. see you all in the dreams.

  4. I’m writing from the future, where The Midnight played live in my town last night and I’m here to tell you that you are all on the right path towards being true and devoted Disciples. Ive seen the light and you will too. Long Live TNUC

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